Finance the Perfect Property for Your Business

Don’t let not being able to afford the perfect property for your organization keep you from fulfilling your business goals. Freeman Commercial Lending specializes in commercial real estate financing for large and small business transactions. Know you’ll have both recourse and nonrecourse options on the table to choose from.

Let Us Know What Kind of Financing Would Suit Your Needs Best

One of the best things about turning to an experienced company like ours for all your real estate financing needs is we offer a wide variety of products to set you on your way. Examples of those products when it comes to commercial real estate lending include:

  • Construction financing, if you’d rather build your commercial building from scratch
  • Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities, also known as CMBS loans, for business owners interested in selling bonds to investors
  • International lending, for those times when your desired business property is overseas
  • FHA and HUD lending, which is often used for acquisition, new construction and rehabilitation of various properties
  • 504 and SBA 7a loans, for flagged/non-flagged and owner-occupied properties
  • Conventional programs, if your financing needs are of the regular variety
  • Mezzanine and equity financing, for those times when you need financing that’s specially tailored to be the perfect fit for your specific requirements

Bridge Loans

If you already have a commercial property and are in the midsts of purchasing a new one, you might have need of a bridge loan. The way bridge loans work is you gain access to the funds necessary to purchase your new commercial building, which is better than having to wait to buy the property until after you’ve successfully sold your current building, and there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to sell your property fast enough to buy the new one before someone else scoops it up.

Learn more about commercial real estate financing by reaching out to a Freeman Commercial Lending representative today.